AIR body protector

air body protector


By absorbing the impact of a fall, the Equi Theme jacket protects the neck in three directions, the back and spine, pelvis, hips, thorax, ribs and vital organs.

It prevents and avoids some potential very serious damages

Lightweight and ventilated with free underarms, it is very comfortable to wear and allows great freedom of movements

It can be worn in summer or winter above any type of clothing

The outside is in polyester with a 3D Polyester mesh lining allowing an excellent air flow within the jacket and giving a comfortable touch

Three clips in front fasten the jacket

The jacket comes with a gaz canister with an iniating cord that is interlocked with a carabiner and a ring that is tied on the saddle stirrup bars

In case of a fall, the force exerted om the cord will release the initiating cord and activate the perforation of the gaz canister inside the cushions made of poluyrethane girdles.

CE certifcation

Can be worn in official competition but only as an addition to an official CE EN 13158 body protector

Sold with a canister, the cord and the saddle clip

Product characteristics

For any rider weighing more than 45 kg

  • Full inflation time: 0.10 seconds
  • Resistance : 35 kg/cm² or about 1 tonne
  • total weight: 900 g approx