The 1-2-3 Ortho Pad (thicker on the back) is a saddle pad, designed to distribute the pressure and balance the saddle. The front part consists of 1 layer, the middle part of 2 layers and the rear part of 3 layers.

  (so thicker at the back)


The Kingsley saddle pad is a shock absorber pad that  is often recommended by veterinarians, equine osteopaths and saddlers. This innovative shock absorber consists of 3 layers, the top layer and the lower layer of the Kingsley Pad are 3 mm thick and consist of 100% polyester., The central layer of 6 mm thick is made of a fiber woven polyester in three dimensions.

Kingsley Pad weighs between 370 and 440 grams. The polyester fiber does not absorb moisture and the shock stays light even during work. Cleaning Kingsley Pad is easy to clean under the tap and dries very quickly in the air. It is also machine washable at 40 degrees 

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