Eczema fly rug

This eczema fly rug is 100% made in polyester and with an opaque mesh weaving.

It prevents the passage of the smallest  insects and ensures your horse comfort and tranquility. Opaque and absorbent, it wicks away sweat and limits the passage of harmful UV rays to sensitive skin.


Totally adjusted to the body, the rugs fully protects the horse from the neck to the tail.

 It is equipped with adjustable fasteners at the base of the neckline and adjustable elasticated bands at the ends (neck and hinds are closed by clip P.V.C.).
A wide, removable ventral strap completely covers the belly.

Rising on the sides of the horse's belly, it doubles the protection on the flanks and is fixed by clip across the back.

Elasticated and adjustable, it adapts perfectly to the morphology of your horse.

Its position is maintained by slides on the line of the back and a system of fastening clips  and velcros on the girth area
Machine washable at 30 ° C.

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