Dressage saddles

Dressage saddles

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  • ZALDI Sanjorge dressage saddle


     Sanjorge Zaldi dressage saddle is very comfortable and permissive allowing legs movements

    This saddle was made in close collaboration with professional dressage riders.

  • R-Dynamic saddle


    fully designed by us , this R dynamic saddle will offer you technicity and the advanced technology that Zaldi has been developping for decades alongside my own experience as a rider and saddler 

  • ZALDI Passage dressage saddle


    this saddle is regarded as quite a technical saddle due to the very deep seat but with also prominent knee blocks that will place the legs in the ideal position

    This saddle is short and perfect for compact horses

  • ZALDI New Kent 2G dressage saddle


    The Zaldi Kent 2G saddle  is derivative from the Classic New Kent but we added a lot of customization options, both in terms of technical adaptability, horse and rider, but also on a level of comfort and mobility

    this latest version is on the cutting edge of technology and will satisfied your highest expectations 

  • ZALDI Kira Klass dressage saddle


    This is the best of Zaldi dressage saddles and is a concentration of technology and innovation

    wide choice of customisations are included in the price

  • KLL Deluxe Lexhis dressage saddle


    KLL Deluxe Lexhis dressage saddle

  • ZALDI Hanover dressage synthetic saddle


     Hanover synthetic Z+ saddle has a deep but comfortable latex padded seat

    Mono flap with long girth straps and advanced technology tree made of special material

  • ZALDI New-Kent dressage saddle


     New-Kent Zaldi.

    semi deep seat thst makes it ideal as a first dressage saddle

  • Selle de Dressage ZALDI modèle New Cont


    Selle de dressage New cont Zaldi. en cuir box-calf.

    Nombreux coloris et options.

    Vendue avec sa housse de protection Zaldi

  • Zaldi Carlos Pinto dressage saddle


    Zaldi milenium saddle designed by carlos Pinto

    Very deep seat and monoflap with outside  high and wide knee rolls

  • LUD Flexible Lodomar flexible


    LUD ludomar dressage saddle has a very deep but comfortable seat

  • Didier Grand Prix dressage saddle


     Didier Grand Prix dressage saddle with large knee blocks allowing a good leg position, deep and comfortable seat

    This saddle is short in lenght and therefor perfect for compact horses

  • ZALDI DRIM dressage saddle


     DRIM dressage saddle is equipped with the TM system knee blocks

    Sold with Zaldi saddle cover

    wide range of customisations

    Please contact us

  • ZALDI Classic dressage saddle


    The Zaldi Classic is by definition the dressage saddle type thanks to a deep but comfortable latex padded seat 

    The saddle has long flaps with knee rolls giving a good position

  • copy of ZALDI Passage dressage saddle


    ROYAL POLICE DOMA is a versatile and extremely comfortable saddle thanks to the padded seat.

    Great value for its price, this saddle has exceptional features that will make a difference with other multi purposes or dressage saddles as it combines both.

    Beautiful leather, ergonomic design allowing great freedom of movement to the horses, but also a great contact, safety and a comfortable seat.