MATTES half numnah

The MATTES range offers a multitude of  saddle pads shapes, colors and options. 

Fully customisable!
You can compose your pad according to your desires and match the rest of your equipment.

Product customisation

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  • 250 char. max
  • 250 char. max

Half numnah in tight quilted fabric that helps to better absorb shocks. 

Velcro Straps on each side of the withers and girth strap

Possibilty to add the Mattes SADDLE FIX system which allows to quickly and surely fix the saddle pad to the saddle.

Mattes products are made from the finest tanned and matured lamb skins to the final product. Real lambskin is a riding equipment with thick and compact fleece. The strong hold of the pure natural wool ensures an ideal distribution of the load, decreases the pressures and friction on the skin of the horse.

In addition, the natural wool immediately absorbs sweat and evacuates 8 times faster than a synthetic fiber, the air still circulating between the fibers of the wool because it ensures good thermal regulation, it is pleasant summer like winter.

Care: Hand wash or machine wash with special Mattes wash products.