Akton® corrective pad

A thickness of 10 mm Akton®Gelpad that does not change the shape of the saddle, the actions of the rider are done without any problem.

The AKTON® corrective pad  prevents stiff musculation of the horse's back.

The quilted cotton cover that comes with the pad absorbs sweat and spares the pad


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The original !!
Prevent back problems and relieve them
Pains - for over 10 years, AKTON® Pads have been enjoying unparalleled success and providing relief for thousands of horses around the world.
The AKTON® Pads have not ceased to be improved and adapted to new needs.
- Therapeutic influence with beneficial massage effect
- Optimal allocation of loads
- Pleasant to the skin, containing no gel, no latex, no silicone
- Also proven in the field of human medicine, recommended by veterinarians
- Great functionality that is not seen under saddle
- The original: AKTON® yellow amber, surrounded by a resistant visible film.

Sizes: 35 x 50 cm