UHIP Artique skirt

The Swedish brand UHIP designs articles in technical materials specifically for the sport.

New! The special waterproof and windproof skirt designed to wear over riding pants, ultra comfortable and truly innovative.

can be worn with Arctique jacket  https://www.sellerieiberiquerioja.com/femme/976-veste-artique-uhip.html?search_query=uhip&results=9


Thermal skirt designed for very cold weather and effective up to -15 °

 With a sporty cut it is easy to wear it at the yard or when riding, 

thanks to its two zippers at the front and rear.

this skirt is ultra easy to wear and  there is also an elastic linked to the inside of the thigh to prevent the skirt to open with the wind.

It will leave you dry for several hours thanks to its Ripstop nylon top layer that stays perfectly breathable and waterproof.

The padding is made of Duppont synthetic material whose properties have been designed to maintain excellent heat retention while being breathable.

It has two  pockets and reflective details.

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