Zaldi Ledyard jumping saddle

the Ledyard saddle was designed for both amateur and professional riders.

it has many qualities such as premium quality leather, a very comfortable seat, an adaptable tree and an ergonomic design that translates into increased freedom of movement, the contact between the rider and the horse being also a priority. It has advanced technology that Zaldi has been developing for decades 

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We can now modify the gullet size thanks to the new tool that Zaldi developed and that we use.

This allow you to change the gullet as your horse grows or changes with training 

* European leather specially selected.

* A semi deep latex seat.

*  jumping flap .

* inner block

*  intelligent latex padding offering an exceptional comfort to the back of the horse 

*  A tree made with special materials, with the most advanced technology that comes with a  of 10 years guarantee

This saddle can be declined in a double 2mm box calf leather  that is very comfortable and soft to the touch, or in a 4mm  croupon leather that will be smoother but still very resistant and durable.

weight 6.1 kg.

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