Woof Wear kevlar exercising boots for hind legs

Kevlar exercising boots ensure comfort and support to your horse's legs during intense trainings

Very resistant


The ULTRA exercising boots for front legs are strong, supple and light and perfect for competition or just every day use

Their ergonomic design ensures an otimum protection of the sensitive part of the leg but also a perfect support of the joints and tendons

The horse can still have a great freedom of movement thanks to their flexibility even when they are wet as the material does not retain water.

The boots have an inside protective sheaths too allow an optimum support of the tendons.

The lining is made with a 5.5 mm breathing neoprene doubled with jersey for more comfort

The external side is made with Kevlar which is an extremely durable material, to resist abrasions and covered with a supple PVC hull and a special cut so the boots do not hinder the legs articulations.

This equipment features a braid for added comfort and durability with recessed seams. They are closed thanks to three wide horizontal gripping bands supported by a vertical safety flap marked with the brand logo.