OFFICINALIS Butterfly Lavander hoof ointment

Por normal hooves. Cream oil with microspheres containing L-cysteine, Keratin, Vitamin H, and biologically grown officinalis Lavender extracts

Designed to nourish, moisturise and clean healthy hooves


This cream is absorbed quickly and stays soft even in cold weather. The different oils nourish and penetrates the frog, the coronet band and the heels, and the extracts in the watery core, rich in active ingredients, penetrate the hoof walls. Favours foot hygiene, and thanks to the copper and lemon extracts, protects against frog thrush.
Components: GM-free soy oil, Officinalis Bio Lavender extract in water, Shea butter, glyceryl stearate, Bio lavender oil, Bio lavender oil, beeswax, vegetal glycerine, cetyl alcohol from coconut oil or palm oil, L- cysteine, keratin, lavender essential oil, Vitamin E, and Benzyl Alcohol.