OFFICINALIS Butterfly Helichrysum and lemon hoof ointment

Intensive treatment for strong hooves, ideal for fragile and brittle horn. This cream contains keratin, essential oil of lemon and L-cysteine


Horse shoes are nailed to hoof walls, which are made of 90% keratin. The purpose of this ointment is to reinforce the hoof capsule. It is composed of microspheres containing essential oil of lemon to strengthen the horn, L-cysteine, Shea butter and beeswax.
Ingredients: GM-free soy oil, Helichrysum extract in water, Shea butter, glyceryl stearate, chamomile oil, beeswax, glycerine, cetyl alcohol from coconut oil or palm oil, lemon essential oil, keratin, L-cysteine, Vitamin E and Benzyl Alcohol.