Option combi TM3 changeable knee blocks

A Zaldi innovative exchangeable knee blocks system

A saddle but 3 knee blocks options available

Zaldi is the reference, between Tradition and Technology!

Option Tm3

Combi Tm3, new System of Exchange from Thigh-Block to any of the other 2 optional knee pads, with the new TM technology of adjustment to the flap by screws, patented by Zaldi.

The saddle carries a pre-installation of the TM system. You will be able to change from the Thigh-Block to a big or medium knee pad, optional as you wish or need.

These optional elements are multipositional and adaptable in inclination and height, to your measure.

1-TM-System Refort : 
Muslera knee blocks(TM) 
length : 20cm -  width : 8.5cm - height: 9cm

Thanks to the TM system or Thigh Block the rider´s knees are completely free and your natural aids will be skilfully made and greatly improved.

2-Refort R-Klass :
Large knee blocks
length 30cm - height 6 cm - width 10 cm

3-Refort R-Kent : 
 medium knee blocks
length 30cm - height 6 cm - width 4cm

Available in all  the Zaldi saddle range

When you select the TM3 combi option when buying your saddle, you need to choose between one of the 3 knee blocks options.

The saddle will then be equipped with the interchangeable system which will allow you later to buy the other options without any modifications on your saddle

A true evolution