Kingsley saddle cloth

this saddle cloth is recommended on a frequent  basis by vets, physios and saddlers.

this saddle cloth contains  a 2-layer pad of a 3-dimensional woven polyester fiber. The volume woven material has various features to improve performance.


The pressure distribution characteristic allows a large part of the energy to be absorbed and distributed by the fibers, reducing the pressure points.

This saddle cloth  consists of several layers of a three dimensions high breathability polyester fiber woven.

This technique generates hundreds of thousands of shock absorbers over the entire surface.

Thanks to its open structure, the saddle cloth is better ventilated, perspiration is better evacuated. As a result, the horse's back is considerably drier and his skin is less irritated.

Kingsley Shock Absorber is easy to clean under the tap and dries quickly in the air. It is also machine washable at 40 ° without softener or tumble dryer.