copy of Selle mixte Vaquera Cabriola 2G

very light Doma Vaquera saddle ( less than 6 kg) and comfortable for flat work or hacking out.

This saddle is recommended for riders weighing less than 80kg 


european leather and boxcalf leather thoroughly selected 

Latex and rubber seat

Light tree made of carbon fibers thanks to a very advanced technology.

10 years warrantee

V type girth straps 

Sold with a girth, stirrups leathers. stirrups and crupper 


only standard measurements available: 45 cm for riders from 160cm to 175 cm and up to 80 kilos 

panels width: 54cm x 29 cm

width of the stick below : 54cm x 29 cm

Weight 6 kilos 

Adaptation time 

Mn 0 

When putting the saddle on your horse it feels like it does not fit.. it is just because this saddle needs time to get adjusted so relax!!

Minute 1 to 15 

We are not sure about the panels and their flocking even though they are quite large and do not seem to be adjusted.

Don't worry !

Now it is time to get on the saddle 

Mn 15 to 60 mn

The panels begin to adjust but the flocking is still quite swollen. We can adjust the girth, we are almost there !

From 5h to 10 Hours after riding with the saddle

When we are getting on the saddle, it fits well and everything is right. all our weight is spread across the back of the horse and it gets easy now to adjust the girth.

After 10 Hours, roll on !!!