MAESTRO Vaquero bit

Vaquero bit that brings together 48 possibilities, in a single bit. Easy to assemble.

Dimensions Mors
Embouchure suplémentaire nº

maestro vaquero bit

This bit allows to change and use different mouthpieces.

It also allows 3 different heights for the shanks: 3-4 and 5 cm.

There are also 4 different possibilities to hold the reins.

The bit comes with 4 mouthpieces: Number 1-2-7 and 9

You can finally combine 48 different possibilities and mouthpieces in one single bit.

Very easy to assemble this bit bit is intended to advanced riders looking for a perfect bit for training or breaking one or more horses.

You can also add other type of mouthpieces like number 0-4-8 and 11

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