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"The saddlery, created by a French lover of the equestrian tradition Espagnolec was born in Spain in 2010,.

He set out to develop collaborations with Spanish craftsmen. Those who work in traditional and ancestral ways.

He brilliantly created beautiful partnerships with small local artisans, Selliers, bootmakers.

I bought the saddlery in March 2014. Since then I have been trying to develop a new partnership with small artisans, French, Spanish or Portuguese, but also with major brands to meet a new demand from my customers.

Cavaliere for almost 30 years, in my beginning rather in classic riding in the disciplines of complete and CSO, but always in love with Iberian horses. I acquired my first PRE in 2007 and since the family has expanded.

Now oriented towards a riding of both Portuguese and vaquerist work, I am in constant search for new products and it is a point of honor to propose to you constantly new unique and artisanal articles.

I welcome you on appointment to my Show room in the Bouches du Rhone, and hope to satisfy you by my welcome and my professionalism.

Do not hesitate to contact me

 see you soon !"


Our enterprise

Our saddlery is born from the passion of the world of the horse and participates in the conservation of the traditions and know-how of the small artisans who combine their knowledge and materials of very high quality

........... and always at the best prices!

  • High quality products
  • A traditional know-how for a tailor-made product range
  • A customer service at your service: a single interlocutor, Aude, passionate rider of Iberian riding