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  • Eczema fly rug


    This eczema fly rug is 100% made in polyester and with an opaque mesh weaving.

    It prevents the passage of the smallest  insects and ensures your horse comfort and tranquility. Opaque and absorbent, it wicks away sweat and limits the passage of harmful UV rays to sensitive skin.

  • fly rug


    This fly rug has a tight mesh weaving and a tail and belly flap for an optimum protection against insects.

    Double fastener on the breast an shoulder gussets tail and legs flaps to maintain a good and secure fit

    Neck and mane cover

    Ideal protection with the matching neck cover

     100% Polyester

  • fly neck cover


    High quality fly neck cover for a full protection against insects.

    Three strong velcros and headcollar or bridle strap

    Matches the Protect fly rug

  • cooler rug


    rug, neck cover and fly mask with cooling effect thanks to the  "cold rubber" inserts

    The piece concerned must be immersed in water for 1 to 2 minutes, then squeezed, finally placed on the part concerned to keep the horse cool. The advantage of the product is that it stays hydrated for hours and that re-treatment is very fast.

  • Esperia fleece rug


    very soft fleece rug with velcro fasteners at the breast and a loop for the tail

    Matches the Esperia range

  • HV Polo Lark cooler fleece rug


    HV PLO fleece rug

    *** Limited quantity ***

  • equestrian society fleece...


    Luxurious lint-free fleece shirt.
    100% polyester.

    **** Limited quantities ****

  • Equithème 2 in 1...


    Light and comfortable with a internmediate thermal portection to keep your horse dry and warm during mid seasons

  • HV Polo Favouritas 200g...


     HV Polo Favouritas 200g turn out rug

    Waterproof and breathable rug

    *** Limited Quantities ***

  • Honeycomb HV Polo cooler


    Honey comb HV Polo cooler

    ***limited quantities ***

  • soft fleece rug


    Velvet fleece ruf for a really soft and comfortable touch

    ***limited quantities ***

  • Performance jersey cooler rug


    Cooler rug, essential feature to have to cool down your horse after working out but also during transportation or to use as an under rug

    ***limited quantities ***