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  • groom bag


    Practical bag in robust polyester that comes in two colors.

    Outside: a mesh bag, 4 open pockets on the sides, 1 pocket with a velcro closure, 1 zippered embroidered pocket.

    Inside: pocket with a zipper. 2 handles and a removable shoulder strap.

    Dimensions: L: 35 cm, H: 30 cm, W: 30 cm

  • plastic curry comb


    adjustable curry comb

    back length: 19 cm

  • premium fly veil


    Optimum protection for annoying insects. Good support thanks to its velcro closure with high quality elastic. With ear protection

  • grooming box

  • round american steel curry comb


    4 stainless steel blades of 2 sizes. Ideal when the hair fall and helps brush stuck hair Plastic handle.

  • premium fly veil


    Optimum protection for annoying insects. Good support thanks to its velcro closure with high quality elastic

    small passage for the forelock

  • solo rake


    This is a perfect tool to remove the winter coat easily

     Regular brushing produces healthy skin and gives the coat a shiny effect.

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  • Equi-thème rug bag


    Provides dust-free storage for one or more during seasons change, saddle pads shock absorbers, working sheets, transport protections or bands that are clean or waiting to be washed.

  • Skinny fly veil


    Comfortable protection against annoying insects that are unpleasant for the eyes and ears of horses. There is a soft elastic around the horse's head so the insects don't stand a change to get inside the mask 

    The fine mesh fabric also protects against small insects while allowing the horse to see well.

  • hoofpick with gel handle


    Beautiful hoofpick with a brush.

    The gel handle fits perfectly in the palm of the hand.

    The gel handle of excellent quality allows grooming without effort

    Length: 17 cm
  • Eczema fly rug


    This eczema fly rug is 100% made in polyester and with an opaque mesh weaving.

    It prevents the passage of the smallest  insects and ensures your horse comfort and tranquility. Opaque and absorbent, it wicks away sweat and limits the passage of harmful UV rays to sensitive skin.

  • massage and grooming rubber mitt


    Cherish your horse with this magnificent glove that you use for a massage or to groom your horsel.

    one side has magnetic spinning balls and the reverse has curry finish

  • eczema fly veil


    100% soft polyester with an opaque mesh weaving, this flyveil matches the fly rug

  • curved cissors


    stainless steel cissors

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  • flexi brush


    Stands wonderfully well in hand.

    High quality plastic material with rubber and synthetic bristles for easy grooming.

    Dimensions: back:18 cm, bristles: 2,5 cm