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Protection de Repos

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  • warm cold boots


    Practical boots with a compartment for cold / hot thermal pocket. Cotton interior pleasant to the skin, 4 sturdy Velcro that allow a constant maintenance of the boots  on the horse's legs

    Note: hot / cold pockets are not included in the delivery

    Unique size

  • ice therapy boots


    These boots are made of several cooling pockets that are not removable and the boots are fixed with velcros.

    Before amy use, you need to put the boots inside a fridge or freezer for a short period of time and they are ready for use

  • Back on track royal boots...


    Stable boots fastened with buckles to allow an optimal and quick fitting without having to worry about any pressure on the legs.

    The lining is made with Welltex cotton and neopren outer shell

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  • Jumpec stable wraps


     Jumpec Stable wraps

    Sold by 4

    50 mm wide Auto grip fastening

  • 3m vet wraps


    These cohesive bandages allow a strong support of the tendons and fetlocks without any fixing system as they cling to themselves

  • polo fleece


    set of 4 squared polo fleeces

  • legs wraps


    Set of 4 leg wraps

    Several colours available

  • Esperia polo fleece


    Bandes polo en polaire 260g. S"assortissent merveilleusement avec la chabraque Esperia, et la couverture polaire Esperia,au bonnet Esparia ...

    set of 4.  260 g polo fleece that match wonderfully the Esperia saddle pads, the fleece rugs and the fly veils

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  • Cotons Américains

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