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du matériel d'écurie à la décoration de crinière

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  • ice therapy boots


    These boots are made of several cooling pockets that are not removable and the boots are fixed with velcros.

    Before amy use, you need to put the boots inside a fridge or freezer for a short period of time and they are ready for use

  • Stain master C&D Equimist


    Unbeatable for removing dirt and manure stains without needing to rinse it

    Fantastic for last-minute finishing.
    It can be used as a dry shampoo. Simply spray on the soiled areas, then clean with a damp sponge.

  • plastic curry comb


    adjustable curry comb

    back length: 19 cm

  • plaiting ribbon


    Plaiting ribbon 

      4m by 10 cm wide.

  • Huile pour fourchettes pourries Kevin Bacon's


    Produit 100 % d’origine naturelle, élaboré et testé par des vétérinaires dans le traitement des fourchettes pourries !

    Contenant un antiseptique, il agit contre la pourriture, les crevasses et tout autre symptomatologie des fourchettes

  • voucher


    A gift that will be greatly appreciated

  • Pompons en Laine


    Décoration en laine pour la crinière.

  • groom bag


    Practical bag in robust polyester that comes in two colors.

    Outside: a mesh bag, 4 open pockets on the sides, 1 pocket with a velcro closure, 1 zippered embroidered pocket.

    Inside: pocket with a zipper. 2 handles and a removable shoulder strap.

    Dimensions: L: 35 cm, H: 30 cm, W: 30 cm

  • Hippy-Tonic silicon plaiting bands


    Large silicon plaiting band

    super stretchy and resistant.

    About 450 elastics.

  • Eczema fly rug


    This eczema fly rug is 100% made in polyester and with an opaque mesh weaving.

    It prevents the passage of the smallest  insects and ensures your horse comfort and tranquility. Opaque and absorbent, it wicks away sweat and limits the passage of harmful UV rays to sensitive skin.

  • haynet

  • premium fly veil


    Optimum protection for annoying insects. Good support thanks to its velcro closure with high quality elastic. With ear protection

  • 3m vet wraps


    These cohesive bandages allow a strong support of the tendons and fetlocks without any fixing system as they cling to themselves

  • Canter mane & tall Equimist



    This conditioner does not need to be rinsed

    It's powerful detangler keeping whilst keeping the main and tail luxuriously soft,

    It also reduces the breakage of the mane and tail during the brushing.

    The flagship product of the brand !!