Coat and mane / tail

Coat and mane / tail

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  • Stain master C&D Equimist


    Unbeatable for removing dirt and manure stains without needing to rinse it

    Fantastic for last-minute finishing.
    It can be used as a dry shampoo. Simply spray on the soiled areas, then clean with a damp sponge.

  • Canter mane & tall Equimist



    This conditioner does not need to be rinsed

    It's powerful detangler keeping whilst keeping the main and tail luxuriously soft,

    It also reduces the breakage of the mane and tail during the brushing.

    The flagship product of the brand !!

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  • Canter coat shine Equimist


    Provides instant, lasting shine by helping to repel dirt and stain.

    Ideal for application under the saddle pad and sweat areas to prevent and protect the coat from stains and aggression.

  • 2in1 showsheen shampoo


     2in1 showsheen shampoo

    Cleans thoroughly and revitalizes the coat. Ultra detangler, leaves a very good perfume on the coat

  • Showsheen conditioner


    Conditioner for the coat, mane and tail

    Gives a beautiful shine to the coat for a week

  • Spray paillettes pour robe


    Gel de couleur rose avec des paillettes scintillantes et une odeur de framboise nettoie la robe, la crinière et la queue de votre cheval. En vaporisateur. Effet brillant.

  • OFFICINALIS® “Rose Shine”...


    Officinalis Rose Shine Spray combines the delicate fragrance of rose petals with a detangling and glossy effect for your horses mane and tail.

    Spray 1l

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  • Equistar spray for shiny...


    Equistar® is a revolutionary synthetic product to finish the grooming of horses.

    750ml spray bottle

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  • Canter Mane & Tail conditioner


    With the Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner, you'll get a tail and mane that's easy to untangle and comb. The hair does not get tangled, is shiny and silky for one to two weeks.

    Spray 1l