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Tout l'équipement classique et ibérique du cheval

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    This a beautiful bridle made with premium quality leather

    Anatomic shape and doubled head piece

    Pull back noseband and  and quilted head piece

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  • Air release corrective pad


    An innovative corrective pad thanks to its hexagonal cell structure allowing air to circulate more easily on the back of the horse.

  • Cortesia portuguese crupper


    Artisanal portuguese crupper, matching the Cortesia bridle and breasplate

    Premium quality leather

    Several colours, buckles and ornaments available

  • stirrup leathers


    Portuguese leather straps, to attach the stirrups on the saddle.

    Sold in pairs

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  • Haf dressage saddle pad


    HAF dressage saddle pad.

    Comes in white or black

    Tapis de dressage HAF, coloris noir ou blanc.A 2mm shock absorber is integrated.

    This pad is very easy to clean and dries out very quickly

  • Licorne bardette pony saddle


    Light faux leather bardette for small riders

    With coloured stars patterns

  • Cortesia portuguese...


    Cortesia artisanal portuguese breastplate

    premium quality leather

    several customisation options available



    The ZALDI LUSO DELUXE  Portuguese saddle is the choice of preference to working equitation riders from Portugal and Spain.

    This saddle has elegant outlines and will seduce you with its technical and yet comfortable seat.

    Many adaptations can be made to the saddle.

  • faux fur headcollar


    This headcollar is made with a double thickness of polypropylene

    Adjustable noseband and heapiece.

    Quick fastening of the throatlatch by carabiner.

    Metal buckle.

  • simple leather Serreta for...


    Simple serreta with small prongs covered with leather

    For protruding noses

    There are two loops to adjust it on Doma Vaquera nosebands

  • baroque presentation...


    Artisanal portuguese presentation headcollar

    Beautiful quality and premium quality leather

  • ZALDI CAZA side riding saddle


    This is the side riding saddle from Zaldi.

  • Mixta spanish children saddle

    €624.00 -€59.00 €565.00

    The artisanal mixta saddle is a children size saddle that can fit every type of horses, or poneys.

    This saddle will follow the evolution of both the rider and the horse

  • platted cotton lunge rope


    few sizes available

  • Zaldi Ledyard jumping saddle


    the Ledyard saddle was designed for both amateur and professional riders.

    it has many qualities such as premium quality leather, a very comfortable seat, an adaptable tree and an ergonomic design that translates into increased freedom of movement, the contact between the rider and the horse being also a priority. It has advanced technology that Zaldi has been developing for decades