Huile pour fourchettes pourries Kevin Bacon's

Y élaboré et testé par des vétérinaires dans le traitement des fourchettes pourries

This completely natural product has been formulated and tested by Vets as to treat frogs

Containing an antiseptic, it acts against decay, splits and cracks and other symptomatology of the frog

15,42 €
2-3 jours ouvrés

A regular use of the product on the hoof will guarantee a perfect hygiene of the hoof

Alongside regular farrier appointments, good basic daily foot care and maintenance to promote a strong hoof capsule will help to ensure your horse remains sound and comfortable in his work.

The indisputable and remarkable results obtained on all diseases of the horse's hooves makes it a must-have product

already used and recommended by professionals, farriers and veterinarians.

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